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HDPE Sheet

We specialize in all kinds of LDPE and HDPE sheets & rolls for usage in all kinds of applications like packaging, construction, agriculture & others.

HDPE Sheet is a very versatile engineering plastic that is very popular for many and varied applications and is suitable for many industries. HDPE Sheet is also a fairly economical material which has also helped its popularity.

HDPE Sheet Advantages
One of the main advantages of HDPE Sheet is its excellent abrasion and wear resistance, because HDPE can offer this resistance to abrasion, it is often used to line chutes and hoppers. Although HDPE Sheet is not as resistant as UHMWPE, it is much better than most other engineering plastics. Another advantage is its very low co-efficient of friction which is better than many other engineering plastics and HDPE Sheet will provide components that are very free running.

HDPE Sheet Applications
Quite often HDPE Sheet will be found in food production factories or high volume production environments, this is because HDPE Sheet has a very low friction rate and a very high resistance to abrasion and wear, this means that components that are made from HDPE Sheet will often find themselves lining conveyor lines where products are continuously passing at often high speeds and high volumes. Other areas that HDPE Sheet seems popular is lining of chutes and hoppers, this is because this material is economical and in all but the most aggressive environments HDPE will provide a fantastic lining material.

Complete Range For – Agriculture & Construction

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Excellent surface release properties, Good chemical resistance, excellent UV stability. Superior impact resistance, High abrasion resistance, Low co-efficient of friction, Short Delivery Time.