recurring deposite

BG ALL SOLUTION NIDHI LTD. offer the Recurring Deposit Plan it  is a special kind of Term Deposit. which help people with regular incomes to deposit a fixed amount every month into their Recurring Deposit account and earn interest at the rate applicable to Fixed Deposits. Minimum Period of RD is 1 year and maximum is 5 years.

If Deposited amount
(1000/-) per month

hALF YEAR 8.75% 6,000.00 6,263.00
ONE YEAR 9.25% 12,000.00 12,624.00
TWO YEAR 9.75% 24,000.00 26,573.00
THREE YEAR 10.25% 36,000.00 42,241.00
FOUR YEAR 10.25% 48,000.00 59,420.00
FIVE YEAR 10.25% 60,000.00 78,431.00



 1. Any individual can open RD Account and deposite money.

 2. Nomination facility is available at the time of opening or after opening the account.

 3. Interest rate will start from (8.75%  to 10.25%) but In senior citizen case it will start from (9.25%  to 10.75%)

 4. Guaranteed return at maturity time.

 4. Any individual can open multiple account.

 5. No premature will allow within 90 days of RD account opening and not any intrest will be paid when it will withdraw within 6 month.

 6. Loan facility will available on RD Account.

 7. BG ALL SOLUTION NIDHI LTD. management reserve right to change/alter in the scheme.

 8. In case of any dispute in this scheme, the decision of the company management will be final and valid.

 9. KYC decount will required like two colour photo and two id proof.